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Walk, Hike, Trek
All that walking is it really that good for me…

Whether you want a lazy stroll through a typical Cambodian hamlet or prefer to carve your way through dense bamboo forestation, we believe we have something to satisfy everyone’s palette.

​The Peam Krasop Wildlife sanctuary forming part of the largest mangrove forestation in South East Asia and the Mangrove Boardwalk is just 30 minutes away by taxi.

Short Hike, Tatai Waterfall
Price | $19.50 | Min 2 Adults Effort | Easy | 4hr Start Time | 08:30 & 10.30
Hike through the jungle to the awe inspiring Tatai Waterfall.
This short relatively flat hike of approximately 2hrs takes you through secondary scrub, bamboo forest and more open forestry as you approach the falls. During the rainy season this can take a little longer as bamboo, amongst one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, fills with rainwater and can often collapse across the pathways under its own weight.

The habitat is home to a number of animals for example, wild pigs, gibbons, macaques, civets & monitor lizard together with some of our smaller inhabitants amongst a wide variety of flora & fauna.

​ This hike operates in two directions. Early departures walk directly to the falls and return by boat and mid morning departures in reverse.

The hike allows for an hour at the waterfall. If however you wish to extend your time there, consider kayaking the advance or return leg of your journey.

Kayaks are free but there is a service charge $2 per kayak to cover collection & or delivery.

Operates all year round. ​ ​
Short Hike & BBQ, Toek Sap Waterfall
Price | $28.00| Min 2 Adults Effort | Easy | 6hr Start Time | 08.30
Hush hush this one’s a secret…
Toek Sap as the locals call it is a waterfall east of Tatai bridge that until recently has seen little by way of tourist traffic. We first learnt of this fall when stumbling upon a series of rapids downstream of its splendorous three tier cascade. ​

In our quest to provide new & exciting ventures we engaged the services of a local guide and with the assistance of his father who has lived in Tatai for many years, have finally managed to cut a path this forgotten gem.

We ascend Tatai hill, breath lightly a pickup truck will take us, where we alight for a relatively flat walk of approximately 2hrs before descending 200m down the side of the falls. . ​

This is a perfect spot for a cooling swim in the fresh water pools before descending further to the rapids that first enlightened us to Toek Sap’s existence.

Find a rock to sit and marvel the beauty of your surroundings or take another dip whilst your guides prepare your BBQ lunch. After lunch you return to the lodge by boat.

Operates all year round.but in the rainy season ($25.00) between April & November we omit the BBQ & return to the lodge for lunch.
Medium Hike, Oasis & Veal
Price | $26.50 | Min 2 Adults Effort | Moderate | 7.5hr Start Time | 08:30
Hike through the jungle to a stunning & remote riverside location…
Setting off from the Lodge you will hike for approximately 2.5hrs to one of two riverside locations deep within the jungle forestation. At this half way point you will relax for a couple of hours alongside a stunning section of river that is calling out for you to take that much needed swim in its refreshing & clear waters.

​ After lunch we traverse a ridge towards a meadow or veal sphao to give its local name. These naturally occurring open areas of the forest are home for a number of special habitats and often you will see unusual looking flowers in blossom.

This is a particularly pleasant spot to take a break before descending to the more open lowlands of rice paddies and your awaiting boat for the short journey back to the lodge. ​

​Operates all year round.
Medium Hike, Tatai Waterfall
Price | $29.50 | Min 2 Adults Effort | Easy | 7.5hr Start Time | 08:30
Two areas of natural beauty, one hike…
This hike takes in this regions number one attraction, Tatai Waterfall. There are however many other attractions which are beyond reach unless you are prepared for a walk and our jungle oasis is just one of those attractions. ​ Except on rare occasions, when the current is too strong, both locations are good for swimming. The rock formations surrounding the oasis attract many species of butterfly. ​ The hike between the waterfall and the oasis is a fairly level section and not too strenuous & takes between 2 to 2.5hrs. Hiking between the oasis and the lodge is of similar length but slightly more strenuous with one steep ascent and a couple of other smaller up and downs. We operate this hike in two directions starting or finishing at the lodge or Tatai Waterfall.

​ The hike allows for approx. an hour at each of the attractions, longer if the group are strong walkers. ​

If this is not enough of a walk then please consider our Full Monty Hike ​

Operates all year round.
Mangrove Boardwalk
Price | $21.50 | Min 2 Adults Effort | Easy | 4hr | 5hr Start Time | 08:30
Experience the eerie, tangled structures of intertwined roots and branches that is unique to the mangrove forest…..

A short drive of approximately thirty minutes and you arrive at Peam Krasop Wildlife sanctuary & the gateway to the Mangrove boardwalks. This sanctuary boasts a unique mangrove ecosystem consisting of 23,750 hectares and has around 10,000 people living within its borders.

​Walking the boardwalks is a peaceful way of getting up close and personal with the strangely & alluring mangrove forestation that quite literally surrounds you. The viewing tower provides a bird’s eye view across the forest. There is every chance you will see some weird & inspiring creatures on this trip.

Operates all year round.