We cannot ignore the demands of tourists coming in to the area or it will suffer under the weight of numbers unchecked by sound practices and regulation. We therefore believe that we have a great responsibility as a tourist destination at the edge of a fragile ecosystem. Our very presence here, with the ongoing need for energy, water and supplies, and our production of various forms of waste, will always have an impact on the local environment. 

Our commitment is to operate in a way that promotes, at every level, responsible tourism. We aim not only to preserve our local environment for present needs, but to help to conserve it for future generations to enjoy and experience. 

Through our business activities we involve the local people in a way that facilitates improvement in their health and wellbeing in a sustainable and self-empowering way, and at the same time give tourists a positive experience of local ecology & culture that informs and educates them. 

This commitment to sustainable Ecotourism forms the foundation of our operations.