Fancy sleeping under the stars, having a waterfall as your shower and enjoying a jungle BBQ – then are camping tours are for you.

  • Overnight Camp above Tatai Waterfall $25.00

    The tranquillity & solitude of this campsite makes this the perfect getaway location.
    Cook you own food over a rock stove, fall to sleep to the sound of the falls and wake
    to a refreshing shower in the river that’s just a few steps away. You will sleep in
    hammocks with built-in mosquito nets which are quilted and off the ground, so both
    comfortable and safe. Your guide will prepare the camp and start your fire before leaving
    you to enjoy the onset of dusk & your evening under the stars. Rising to the early morning
    sounds of the jungle is a prerequisite. Watch the light and colours of the sky change
    against the rising sun and by the time you have finished with your coffee our tour guide
    will be with you to assist your return to the lodge for breakfast.
    (Min 1 Adult - Advance Booking Required - Dry Season Only.
    Camping is chargeable as an add on to accommodation)