If boats, kayaking, walking & all things strange attract, then you’re on the right page.

The mangroves & river ways are a playground for both water based & naturalist activities.

  • Mangrove Boardwalk $21.50

    Experience the eerie, tangled structures of intertwined roots and branches that is
    unique to the mangrove forest. A short drive of approximately thirty minutes and you
    arrive at Peam Krasop Wildlife sanctuary & the gateway to the Mangrove boardwalks.
    Walking the boardwalks is a peaceful way of getting up close and personal with the
    strangely & alluring mangrove forestation that quite literally surrounds you. The viewing
    tower provides a bird’s eye view across the forest. There is every chance you will see
    some weird & inspiring creatures on this trip.
    (Min 3 Adults)

  • Mangrove Swamps by Kayak $30.00

    Gently kayak along river inlets lined with eerie looking mangrove trees and clambering
    onto marshy outreaches is a great way to get up close & personal with this strange &
    alluring place.The sheer weirdness of the surrounding environment draws you from you
    kayak to experience by foot, some of the weird and wonderful plants, for example
    carnivorous pitcher plants, that cannot be seen from the river.
    (Min 3 Adults - Requires Advance Booking)