Rainbow Lodge Cambodia



We are always looking for something new to try and would welcome your thoughts on any idea you have for an event.

Please feel free to write to us at info@rainbowlodgecambodia.com to register your interest in a particular event or to suggest something new.

Upcoming Events
Look out for a list of dates for each of our coming soon events or register your interest by email and we will write to you the minute we have more news.
Paddle Board Yoga
Our qualified instructor is putting together a number of events to facilitate this increasingly popular event on water.

So if you enjoy yoga, peaceful river settings and if your balance is such you don’t mind getting wet, then step up and register for what will be a popular event.
Wellness Weekends

As the heading suggests we are currently putting together a number of “Pamper Myself” weekends centering predominately on yoga, meditation, spa massage treatments, manicures and alike.

​With good healthy food to supplement your stay what better way to spend a weekend away from the mayhem and heat of city life, than the tranquility of a river fronted lodge set on the edge of a protected forest.

​Click here to register your interest.

Wine & Cheese Evening
An evening of fine dining with experts on hand to guide you through an array of fine wines and cheese.

​ This evening event will be held over a weekend and there will be plenty of opportunity to engage many of the other activities offered at the lodge. ​

Click here to register your interest.
Endurance Sports
We are very fortunate to have an experienced and qualified activity instructor at the lodge. ​

With instructor certifications in mountaineering and kayaking and an award winning marathon runner, Lois Woodward’s next challenge is to stage extreme sporting events.

​ Groups and individuals alike will be offered the opportunity to engage in some extreme sports in a safe but challenging environment. ​

Click here to register your interest.