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Mangrove & River Ways


If swimming, kayaking, walking, BBQ’s & all things strange attract, then you’re on the right page.

The mangroves & river ways are a playground for both water based & naturalist activities.

​Most of the activities on this page require no more than a reasonable level of fitness & are suitable for children over five years. However our Cascades Kayak trip may prove a little more demanding to the novice kayaker.

​Our boardwalk excursion is considered easy & ideal for families with younger children.

​Our specialist tours of the mangroves are aimed at individuals that hold a particular interest in flora & fauna but are open to aspiring entomologists & botanist alike.

Mangrove Swamps by Kayak
Price | $30.00 | Min 3 Adults Effort | Easy | 6hr Start Time | 08:30
A fantastic way to explore the weird & wonderful mangrove tributaries….

Gently kayak along river inlets lined with eerie looking mangrove trees and clambering onto marshy outreaches is a great way to get up close & personal with this strange & alluring place.

​The sheer weirdness of the surrounding environment draws you from you kayak to experience by foot, some of the weird and wonderful plants, for example carnivorous pitcher plants, that cannot be seen from the river.

​Home too many varieties of plants & small animals the habitat itself is so unusual that for many it will be like nothing seen before. Gee Chartier, our resident naturalist, will tell you he loves this place and could happily spend a full week there!

​Lunch is taken aboard the shelter or shade of the tour boat or on land if the weather is forgiving.

​Operate May to January

Mangrove Boardwalk
Price | $21.50 | Min 3 Adults Effort | Easy | 4hrs | 5hrs Start Time | 08:30
Experience the eerie, tangled structures of intertwined roots and branches that is unique to the mangrove forest…..

A short drive of approximately thirty minutes and you arrive at Peam Krasop Wildlife sanctuary & the gateway to the Mangrove boardwalks. This sanctuary boasts a unique mangrove ecosystem consisting of 23,750 hectares and has around 10,000 people living within its borders.

​Walking the boardwalks is a peaceful way of getting up close and personal with the strangely & alluring mangrove forestation that quite literally surrounds you. The viewing tower provides a bird’s eye view across the forest. There is every chance you will see some weird & inspiring creatures on this trip.

This activity is a solo tour but can be undertaken with either a tour guide or our own specialist guide.

​Per Person
Guide Only $27.50

Specialist Guide $32.50

​Operates all year round.

Cascades by Kayak
Price | $25.00 | Min 2 Adults Effort | Demanding | 6hr Start Time | 09:00

Missing your workout then come Kayak the river ways and swim in cascades of mountain fresh waters…….

This trip follows the riverbanks of the Tatai River towards the sea before heading up one of the many inlets on the edge of the mangrove swamps and where mountain waters enter over numerous cascades. The entire journey by kayak is approximately 10km and for those who have already kayaked or visited Tatai falls by boat, is the equivalent of round journey. Never fear however our support vessel & guide is always just a short distance behind you and ready to offer assistance if the going gets to tough.

​At the cascades you are at liberty to relax & swim in the cooling & refreshing mountain waters. Then after lunch there is plenty of time to join our guided walk around the rapids before returning by boat.

​Operates May – November.