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River Cruises

Step aboard and explore our very own “Mississippi” of river ways.

Don’t miss the splendor of Tatai falls or the opportunity to alfresco dine on your very own tropical island. Walk the streets of Koh Sralao village and visit their quintessential school.

​Dining on an abundance of fresh locally caught fish is the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ. If you are watching local fishermen go about their daily chores or waving the sun down over palm fringed headlands, then your already one step ahead!

​In a hurry, then pop aboard our speed boat & let us whisk you around the mangrove tributaries to the waiting sunset.

​If peace & tranquillity is what you seek then a gentle saunter up river late afternoon, with a cool beer or glass of wine in hand, is an idyllic end to the day

Tatai Waterfall

Price | $9.50 | Min 4 Adults       Effort | Easy | 2hr       Start Time | 09:00 | 14:00

Take a leisurely boat cruise to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area…..

Tatai Waterfall is a large rocky cascade located amidst a lush jungle setting on the Tatai River. Although the waterfall flows all year round, there are two very different faces to this wonderful stretch of water. In the dry season the waters approaching the waterfall are still and mirror reflective and the relative calmness of the falls provides the idea setting & opportunity to swim in the naturally formed pools at the bottom of the cascade, but be careful of the pristinely polished rocks that lay beneath your feet!

​During the rainy season the waterfall is seen at its most spectacular and most unforgiving and swimming is sometimes restrictive at these times, to the rocky enclaves downstream that form natural whirlpools to relax in.

​Operates all year round.

Sunset Cruise
Price | $7.50 | Min 4 Adults Effort | Easy | 2hr Start Time | 16:30

Watch the sun start its graceful descent from a unique river position.

Sit back and relax whilst experiencing the remark-able colour hue changes and stunning reflections on the river as the sun slowly sets over the jungle canopy.

We head out towards the sea to an area known locally as 4 rivers, where as the name suggests four rivers converge around a palm fringed island. It is here that you float peacefully whilst watching the sun fall from the skies.

The quality of sunset is variable depending on the season, with best times being between October and December. However it is a pleasant trip any time of the year. The boat will depart at 4.30pm returning at dusk in time for you to prepare for dinner.

Sunset & Beach BBQ

Price | $30.00 | Min 4 Adults       Effort | Easy | 4.5hr       Start Time | 16:00

Gracefully sail towards  the open sea passing  lush green mangrove tributaries…..

The  mangrove  forestation  along  this peaceful stretch  of  water  is  the  largest in South  East Asia  and  this  trip  provides you  with  an  insight to  its  size  &  beauty.

Not  far  off  this  enchanting  shoreline rests Koh Samet,  your  very  own  tropical island where you will  disembark  for  a BBQ dinner,  prepared  and cooked  for you  by our  staff  who  always welcome  a lending hand.

Swimming  and  a  glass  of  wine  or  cool beer from  our  on-board  bar  will supplement  the experience.  After  dusk we  pack  up  and  head back  up  river towards  Koh  Andet  where  if  we are lucky you  will  experience  the  marvel  of Fire Flies.  These  tiny  winged  beetles  are so called for  their  conspicuous  use  of bioluminescence during  twilight  to  attract mates  or  prey.

Operates December- April.

Heart of Darkness
Price | $8.50 | Min 4 Adults Effort | Easy | 2hr Start Time | 16:30
Experience the remoteness of your surroundings…..

This trip, simplistic in its making, rarely fails to fulfill its headline. Leaving the busier downriver waterways behind us, we head upstream to where you are unlikely to encounter any traffic whatsoever. After approximately a 40 minute cruise we stop momentarily to capture the sheer remoteness of our location. The changing light, subject to many an award deserving photograph, really does provide that true heart of darkness experience. Birds returning to roost under the darkening skies satisfies that feeling of loneliness.

Immerse yourself in the silence that surrounds you before sailing slowly back with maybe a glass of wine, and your awaiting evening dinner.

​Operates all year round.

Price includes a bottle of house wine per couple

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