Our efforts in raising the quality of life for the people in our local area begins with the employment opportunities we offer, currently providing a year-round salary above local levels for more than 10 staff. By purchasing our supplies from local markets, and using local service providers for our transport needs, we also provide a reliable income source for several small local businesses, improving their capacity and financial resilience and empowering their business growth.

​​Rainbow Lodge believe in empowering the people of Tatai to develop their own small business ideas using their existing skills to provide a meaningful service in the local community. So far we have successfully launched two local enterprises and have plans to introduce more as funds become available.

Panna’s Laundry Business

​Panna has been a loyal and valuable employee of Rainbow Lodge for many years and has taken on a variety of roles from cleaning, cooking and serving in the bar and restaurant. During that time, she has been proactive in developing her hospitality and English speaking skills. She is an intelligent woman, who is quick to learn.

​Panna is local to Tatai and is married to Wan who is also an employee at Rainbow Lodge. They have two children O’Jim and Millie. As the oldest child in her family, Panna takes her responsibility to look after and provide for her wider family very seriously.

​Rainbow Lodge have helped Panna to set up her business & assist in the funding of equipment so she can gain a supplementary income for herself and her family. She now provides a much needed laundry service in Tatai to service the local businesses including Rainbow Lodge. This extra income has enabled her to move forward with the family’s new house build and assist relatives with hospital bills for much needed medical treatment.

Mom’s Tailoring Business

​Mom is a small dynamic character with a natural maternal instinct and a wicked sense of humour. She has been a cook at rainbow lodge for many years. She also lives in the same hamlet with her two young children and her husband and mother.

​Before working at the lodge Mom was an employee in a garment factory. She has fantastic tailoring skills and often makes beautiful brightly coloured dresses for herself and other women from the local community to wear to traditional Khmer weddings.

​Mom has set up her own community enterprise with the help of Rainbow Lodge using her sewing skills to make sheets for guest houses in the local community, including Rainbow Lodge. Key to Moms success was a reliable electric sewing machine & a reliable power source to set up this enterprise, Rainbow Lodge helped her to fund this initial cost, to help her realise her business concept.